Our lamb is guaranteed to be pasture-fed and free of any unnatural additives. You’ll find no hormones and no antibiotics in our sheep cuts: just grass-fed lamb, as it should be.

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At The Ethical Butcher, we source our lamb only from farms that meet our high standards. All our farms follow natural, holistic farming practices, reconnecting animals with their natural habitats and allowing them to live as they please. Reared on natural grasslands with minimal human intervention, the sheep live their lives naturally, which is fast becoming a rare sight in modern farming. Our goal is to support farms that are producing the best quality lamb whilst giving back to the Earth in the process.

Shop our range of sheep cuts, perfect for every occasion, safe in the knowledge that you’re contributing to a better world - and getting the best tasting meat possible. Cook up a Sunday storm with a whole leg of lamb, mix up your midweek recipes with top-quality lamb mince, or enjoy lamb steaks that really pack a punch.

About The Ethical Butcher

Our mission is to reconnect people with nature. By working only with farms who commit to regenerative farming practices, we bring the highest quality meat to your doorstep, without compromising on our values. We’re bringing the meat industry back to its natural roots, one order at a time. Eating meat shouldn’t cost the earth, and now it doesn’t have to.