Balcaskie Estate
The source of some of the best ingredients in Scotland, the East Neuk is bounded on three sides by the sea, and with fertile volcanic soils, its bounty includes fish, soft fruit, vegetables and milling wheat along the coastal strip, malting barley beyond and pastures feeding livestock inland.

BBQ 2023
From our beyond organic beef and lamb burgers to our regeneratively farmed pork sausages and soy-free chicken wings, we’ve put together our favourite ethical BBQ cuts for you to enjoy at home. All of our beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed and offer deep, delicious flavours. All delivered to your door, fresh and BBQ ready.

Chicken and turkey raised with freedom and wilderness in abundance. 100% free range, these birds are reared on a natural diet, with no artificial additives or hormones to be seen.

Black Friday

Extended sale - ends midnight tonight!

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Curated meat collections for every occasion. Our boxes range from the luxurious collections to impress guests through to family basics, all offer great value from the list price and reflect seasonal availability of meats and other products from our network of producers


Please note: These items are all for delivery 19th-22nd December regardless of when ordered!

Our curated product range for Christmas, from table show stoppers through to simple economical family meals to feed a hungry mob, everything you need for every occasion through the festive period.


Introducing Pestle - Small batch handcrafted curry pastes. Read more about Pestle here.


Our beef is always regeneratively farmed and good for the Earth. Sourced only from farms that meet our high expectations, this is beef as it should be. 

Cull Cow

The Ethical Butcher is excited to introduce a new range to our beef offering. "Cull Cows" are barren cows no longer able to calve, that have been given a well deserved retirement.

Our cull cows are sourced from the same farms we source our prime beef from: 100% pasture fed, high welfare, regeneratively farmed. These animals are retired gracefully, given time to come to balance and enjoy fattening themselves on grazing before they are harvested. Because of that, and their age, their meat is rich, luxurious, fatty and complex in flavour and texture. A high quality, connoisseur's choice.

Cull cow is another chapter in our story of innovating and changing the meat industry for the better. We love this beef and think you will too. 

Festive Roasts
A selection of luxury roasts for the festive season.

Game Birds
Our game birds are sourced from regeneratively managed Parkland Estates as well as carefully selected small, ethical game dealers. 

Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is regeneratively produced by farms that meet our highest standards of animal welfare and superior quality.

Exceptional groceries that have been produced using methods that are in line with our values.

Honest & Ethical Steak Club

From our collaboration with Honest Burger we present the regenerative steak collection!

Honest Burger are sourcing from farms that are certified regenerative and we take the prime cuts that are too good to be minced for burgers and age them for at least 28 days in our state of the art dry aging fridges to bring the absolute best out of them

Priced slightly lower than our other suppliers these steaks offer incredible value, great taste, great ethics and the sign of a changing world!

Manx Loaghtan Hogget
Manx Loaghtan Hogget.
Hogget marbling and protein density provide length and depth of flavour. This intra-muscular fat is the magic factor in cooking. From Fowlescombe Farm, established 1537.

May 2023 Bank Holiday Collection
Three bank holidays in one month! Time to get cooking and invite family and friends to join in.

Mothers Day 2023

We've got you covered!

Our new collection contains a mix of cuts for the seasoned chef as well as some pre-seasoned easy to cook cuts the beginner cook looking to impress on mum's special day.


New or recently added products.

We only sell products from brands that match our values of regeneration, waste reduction or low impact and of exceptional quality.


All of our pigs are properly free range, reared in outdoor systems with freedom to roam in large paddocks on farms that are utilising regenerative farming methods to reduce their carbon footprint, increase biodiversity by creating havens for wildlife and planting wildflower margins, trees and hedges. Where possible we also source pigs that are fed soy-free feed. 

Rare & Pasture Charcuterie
Rare & Pasture is an artisan, organic Charcuterie and Smokery making award-winning smoked and cured meat products.

The ultimate roasts for lazy Sunday's with friends and family


Our lamb is guaranteed to be pasture-fed and free of any unnatural additives. You’ll find no hormones and no antibiotics in our sheep cuts: just grass-fed lamb, as it should be.

Venison & Game


Our venison and game is proudly sourced from ancient, regeneratively managed Parkland Estates. The deer graze pasture and browse the trees in a natural landscape and are not given any supplemental grains. 

Well Balanced Range

The Ethical Butcher is a whole carcass butcher, across all species. We buy whole animals at a fair premium about the conventional market price. This is the best way to support our regenerative farmers in obtaining the maximum value for their work. The challenge then falls on us to balance the carcass – to sell it in its natural proportions to maintain its value and eliminate unjustifiable food waste. We take that responsibility firmly on our shoulders. The Well Balanced Range is a collection of the most sustainable meat you can buy, because it helps us achieve the perfect balance and eliminate food waste.