Balcaskie Estate
The source of some of the best ingredients in Scotland, the East Neuk is bounded on three sides by the sea, and with fertile volcanic soils, its bounty includes fish, soft fruit, vegetables and milling wheat along the coastal strip, malting barley beyond and pastures feeding livestock inland.

BBQ 2022
All things smoke and fire!

Chicken and turkey raised with freedom and wilderness in abundance. 100% free range, these birds are reared on a natural diet, with no artificial additives or hormones to be seen.


Curated meat collections for every occasion. Our boxes range from the luxurious collections to impress guests through to family basics, all offer great value from the list price and reflect seasonal availability of meats and other products from our network of producers


Please note: These items are all for delivery 21st-23rd December regardless of when ordered!

Our curated product range for Christmas, from table show stoppers through to simple economical family meals to feed a hungry mob, everything you need for every occasion through the festive period.


Introducing Pestle - Small batch handcrafted curry pastes. Read more about Pestle here.


Our beef is always 100% pasture-fed and good for the Earth. Sourced only from farms that meet our high expectations, this is beef as it should be. 

Cull Cow

The Ethical Butcher is excited to introduce a new range to our beef offering. "Cull Cows" are barren cows no longer able to calve, that have been given a well deserved retirement.

Our cull cows are sourced from the same farms we source our prime beef from: 100% pasture fed, high welfare, regeneratively farmed. These animals are retired gracefully, given time to come to balance and enjoy fattening themselves on grazing before they are harvested. Because of that, and their age, their meat is rich, luxurious, fatty and complex in flavour and texture. A high quality, connoisseur's choice.

Cull cow is another chapter in our story of innovating and changing the meat industry for the better. We love this beef and think you will too. 

Festive Roasts
A selection of luxury roasts for the festive season.

Exceptional groceries that have been produced using methods that are in line with our values.

New or recently added products.

We only sell products from brands that match our values of regeneration, waste reduction or low impact and of exceptional quality.


Continuing our commitment to innovation, we are delighted and proud to announce the addition of whole carcass, soy-free pork to our range. After 18 months of trial and error, Redwoods Farm now offer a mix of rare breed pigs reared on a diet of woodland forage, pasture and homemade soy-free feed and taste unlike any supermarket pork you’ll find. We also continue to offer select cuts from Dingley Dell Farm as we aim to be 100% soy-free in the near future. 

The ultimate roasts for lazy Sunday's with friends and family


Our lamb is guaranteed to be pasture-fed and free of any unnatural additives. You’ll find no hormones and no antibiotics in our sheep cuts: just grass-fed lamb, as it should be.


Our venison is proudly sourced from Packington Estate which is ancient parkland and kept within a regenerative system.

The deer graze pasture and browse the trees in a natural landscape and are not given any supplemental grains.

To learn more about our venison visit the venison homepage or the farm page for Packington Estate

Well Balanced Range
Our well balanced range is a collection of our most affordable cuts offering the highest levels of nutrition with absolutely no compromise on ethics and impact. This range is for everyday eating, feeding large families and meets the nutritional demands of athletes without breaking the bank.