Chicken and turkey raised with freedom and wilderness in abundance. 100% free range, these birds are reared on a natural diet, with no artificial additives or hormones to be seen.
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At The Ethical Butcher, we source chicken and turkey from only the best regenerative farms. All our farms value the environment and the welfare of the animals more than anything, resulting in the highest quality meat raised in the most natural way possible, with minimal human intervention and not a cage in sight. Holistically managed and regenerative pastures are used to produce properly free-range chicken and turkey: birds that are better for the planet and our taste buds.

From diced chicken for a hearty casserole, to whole chickens ready for roasting, to spicy seasoned cuts perfect for the BBQ, our chicken and turkey range is sure to satisfy. We’re particularly proud of our award-winning Soy-Free Chicken, raised for at least 70 days on a diet of foraged insects, herbs and wildflowers: the taste is truly spectacular.

About The Ethical Butcher

We are reconnecting people with nature. Modern society has become disconnected from the natural environment, and we’ve made it our mission to shake up the meat industry and get back to our natural roots. Through holistic, regenerative agriculture and the highest quality meat, we’re sharing our passion for sustainability and environmentalism with you all. Eating meat shouldn’t cost the earth, and now it doesn’t have to.