Trade Supply

Why work with The Ethical Butcher

Beef and Lamb

All of the beef we source is 100% pasture fed, no grains, no soy, no antibiotics.

They are also kept in regenerative grazing systems meaning they are moved onto new diverse pasture daily, this management encourages new plant growth and in turn improves biodiversity and adds soil carbon.

In the best cases this can be carbon negative. The breeds are rare and heritage breeds and are also grown to as long as 30+ months compared to conventional 16-18 months.

The meats have a different flavour, often with a little less fat than conventionally reared our beef has a more complex herbal flavour or even mildly nutty tone and is lacking the metallic edge that factory farmed meats can have.

Poultry and Pork

All of the poultry and pork we sell is properly outdoor reared and is completely soy free.

What we mean by soy free is that no soy is used in the animals supplemental feed. they receive anywhere from 25-40% of their nutrition from the land they live in and interact with and their supplemental feed consists of UK grown grains and seed meals, responsibly sourced from progress production methods.

The animals are kept in systems that actually benefit the land, restoring soil health and improving biodiversity.

Parkland venison

We source parkland venison from Packington Estate where the number need to be culled to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

The deer are considered an invasive species yet when the number are kept in check they provide a beneficial role in the environment.

We supply this incredible meat to restaurants and it is probably the most ethical meat available to us.

The deer live with absolute minimum human intervention and are given no grains or concentrated food, deriving their nutrition entirely from what grows on the 5000 acre estate.

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Why soy free?

Delivery & Logistics

How to reduce impact

Our drivers can deliver your meats on reusable trays that we will take away with us and load directly into your storage fridge for a truly zero waste system.

We can also advise on how to reduce the number of deliveries you receive to cut the last mile carbon impact.

Our partners working towards a regenerative impact business model