BBQ '24

Discover the very best regenerative BBQ cuts including chicken, pork, lamb, beef and of course our Ethical Burger. The Summer has arrived!

Great British Lamb

Pasture-fed Lamb

Our lamb is guaranteed to be pasture-fed and free of any unnatural additives - no hormones and no antibiotics.

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Rare and Pasture
Organic Charcuterie

Great charcuterie always starts with great meat and the best is regenerative - some of the very best is from Fowlescombe Farm.

Rethinking charcuterie

Rare and Pasture Organic Charcuterie



Pure beef Frankfurters – artisan, hot-smoked sausages, made from finely chopped beef and free from artificial additives, emulsifiers or preservatives.

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Our pork charcuterie is made from organically-certified Mangalitsa, Tamworth and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs from our own farm, Fowlescombe farm in South Devon. Fowlescombe pigs live happy lives in the woodlands, foraging and picking up plenty of wild plant foods.

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Country Pate

Our recipe is based on a very typical French style pate made from liver and pork.  The meat is mixed and cooked so that is remains textured - course-cut but still spreadable across your favourite sourdough toast.  Enjoy with a really special glass of red wine or pair with any dessert wine, possibly even topped with a few chopped prunes.

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Our beef Bresaola has been lightly and simply cured with rosemary and air dried for a minimum of 3 months.  The result is a delicate, melt-in-the mouth product that has very good length and depth of flavour, dense but with an incredibly tender bite.  A Palma ham equivalent, made from beef rather than pork.

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