Ethical packaging

How to reuse our packaging

Inside the box we use an insulation material called WoolCool in the form of what are termed fleece liners.

These are made from a natural waste wool product that can be returned to us for reuse or put to good use to give back to nature.

Giving back to nature

What else can you do with our packaging

Nest building?

We've also been told by some customers that they hang it from trees in their gardens for birds to use for nest building and over a matter of weeks the whole sheet is slowly taken away by birds bit by bit, what a lovely thought that this organic waste product that insulated our boxes is helping baby birds to hatch from their eggs.

Images from WoolCool's Facebook page tagged under #lestboxclever

Frost protection

Customers have used the WoolCool to insulate baby plants against late frosts or to protect things such as tree ferns or banana plants throughout the winter

Reuse, recycle or rot

Don't waste

It's a wonderful use of an otherwise waste material and we're really inspired by any uses you can put it to and we're really happy to be using it, the only downside to us is that it is quite expensive compared to alternatives. The cost to us for insulation works out at £3 per box so if you choose to use it in your garden, local park or someone else's garden then great, if not please do consider returning it to us as above.

Putting this in in landfill is such as waste and turns it into a single use product which is such a waste when you think of the potential of reusing it by either returning the material to nature in a beneficial way or sending back to us in a circular economy.