Rare & Pasture Charcuterie

At Fowlescombe Organic Farm - Devon


We want people to enjoy meat that is healthy and truly sustainable.
In response to all the legitimate questions being asked of the meat industry, our ethos is to use meat that has been grown using sustainable and wildlife-friendly farming methods. Organic grass fed beef is at the forefront of our products.

Most of our meat comes from our own farm, Fowlescombe Farm, where we raise organic, grass-fed rare and native breed animals using regenerative farming methods. We also work with other farmers who adopt similar standards, so by buying our products you support a movement towards low intensity, regenerative farming. 
One such farmer is David Wilson of Fir Farm in the Cotswolds. David raises Saddleback pigs on clover leys and turnip-fields supplemented by an organic soy-free diet based around oats.

The animals

100% grass-fed cattle and sheep with no grain supplements, to allow for slow, natural growth.
Pigs living in small groups in the woods, free to root in the undergrowth 24/7
Cattle grazing in multi-generational groups with access to streams, reed-banks and trees, and eating a varied diet of different pastures and mineral-rich herbal leys.
Sheep grazing the valleys and browsing the hedgerows
Cattle kept outdoors for the majority of the year. They spend as little time as possible in our spacious barns and only come indoors when the land starts to churn underfoot in the wet months.

The Charcuterie

Our charcuterie is recognised across the industry. In 2021 we’ve won the prestigious Best New Product Award 2020/21 from British Charcuterie Live, received a number of Taste of the West awards and won the Soil Association’s Boom award for charcuterie in 2021.

Our Head Charcutier is Graham Waddington. Graham has trained in across Europe and the UK and has been making charcuterie for nearly seventeen years in Britain. His salamis and specialist hams have won national food awards and sold to Michelin-Starred chefs.

Great charcuterie always starts with great meat. The highest quality meat is very often reared and produced in small quantities by specialist farmers who have a passion only for quality and no desire for quantity. Like a seasonal menu, our range changes frequently in accordance with what is ready on the farm and is at its best.

Rethink charcuterie

Regenerative production


Pure beef Frankfurters – artisan, hot-smoked sausages, made from finely chopped beef and free from artificial additives, emulsifiers or preservatives.

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Our pork charcuterie is made from organically-certified Mangalitsa, Tamworth and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs from our own farm, Fowlescombe farm in South Devon. Fowlescombe pigs live happy lives in the woodlands, foraging and picking up plenty of wild plant foods.

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Country Pate

Our recipe is based on a very typical French style pate made from liver and pork.  The meat is mixed and cooked so that is remains textured - course-cut but still spreadable across your favourite sourdough toast.  Enjoy with a really special glass of red wine or pair with any dessert wine, possibly even topped with a few chopped prunes.

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Our beef Bresaola has been lightly and simply cured with rosemary and air dried for a minimum of 3 months.  The result is a delicate, melt-in-the mouth product that has very good length and depth of flavour, dense but with an incredibly tender bite.  A Palma ham equivalent, made from beef rather than pork.

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Who are we?

Multiple award winning