Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is regeneratively produced by farms that meet our highest standards of animal welfare and superior quality.

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Grass Fed Beef

At the Ethical Butcher we believe the healthiest and best tasting beef is produced from animals reared in the most natural way.

We source the finest Grass Fed Beef, the majority of which comes from our partner farms who are certified members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association and/or practice regenerative farming. They emphasise holistic land management practices, where native breed beef cattle are rotationally grazed on a natural diet of diverse pasture and are usually not fed any form of grain or manufactured feed. 

These natural systems not only give our cows the highest level of animal welfare, but also develop the incredible flavour and tenderness of our grass fed steak, roasts and mince beef.

We offer a wide range of the highest quality grass fed beef products, whether you are preparing a chateaubriand for a special occasion or using our beef mince for a quick, wholesome family meal.

Our partner farms are recognised through the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, RSPCA Assured Scheme, Animal Welfare Approved and/or have Organic Certification. As a result all of our grass fed meat has been raised without the use of routine antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones.