Rump - The big value big flavour steak

Rump - The big value big flavour steak

What is rump steak?

Rump is usually the least expensive of the prime steaks being fillet, sirloin, rib eye and rump but the secret is, it's often the most flavourful.

Rump is cut from, well, the rump, the back end or the buttocks of the cow on the hindquarter. A traditional rump steak which is usually made up of three individual muscles all held together with connective tissue.

So why is a rump steak considered not as premium as the other primes?

Generally,  the other prime steaks are made up from muscles that do not do much work whereas the rump is an active muscle so even though a rump steak wont be as tender as sirloin and certainly not as tender as fillet it makes up for this in flavour.

Rump steak flavour profile.

Rump steak has a much more minerally deep rich savouriness, than other steaks and it can hold its own with a flavourful sauce such as a peppercorn or mustard  without being overpowered, these sauces would drown the delicate flavour of a fillet but can work with the more robust flavour of a rump steak.

Our cuts of rump

We offer rump in 4 cuts:

Rump roast

A superb roast beef with a generous cap of fat on the top to keep the leaner meat well basted and moist as it cooks, a great alternative to topside or silverside.

Classic rump steaks

We sell our rump steaks in three different sizes

300g Suitable for one person, quick and easy to cook

500g Suitable for 2 people or one very hungry

1kg Sharing steak, best choice for a BBQ, sear hot, rest and slice.

Rump strips 

Perfect for stir fries. A little secret, you can make an amazing stroganoff with rump strips for a fraction of the price of the traditional fillet and more flavour. 

Rump minute steaks 

As the name suggests these are cut thin to cook in, well, a minute! Perfect for a quick steak salad, steak and eggs breakfast or a classic steak sandwich.

Seasoned butters

We highly recommend making a seasoned butter for a rump steak such as this classic Cafe De Paris Butter by Chef Adam Gray: