Our beef is always regeneratively farmed and good for the Earth. Sourced only from farms that meet our high expectations, this is beef as it should be. 

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Our farms are holistically managed and designed to give back to the land through regenerative agriculture practices. Our beef farms raise cattle in the most natural way possible. Calves are often raised by their mothers in mixed-age herds, feeding only on natural pasture. Being raised in natural herds allows the cows to exhibit natural behaviours, which is a rare sight in modern farming. Our farmers rear happier, healthier herds whilst doing good for the planet, and producing the best-tasting beef around.

Whether you’re looking for beef mince, steaks or roasting joints, you can be sure that you’re buying the highest quality pasture-fed beef from The Ethical Butcher. Treat your tastebuds to a flavour-packed steak, choosing from rump, rib eye or sirloin, celebrate a Sunday with a delectable beef roasting joint, or whip up your favourite mid-week meal using the highest quality beef mince with a taste like no other.

About The Ethical Butcher

We are on a mission to reconnect people with nature. Modern society has become disconnected from the natural world and where good food comes from, and we’re determined to change that. Through holistic, regenerative agriculture and the highest quality meats, we’re shifting the meat industry back to its natural roots. Eating meat shouldn’t cost the earth, and now it doesn’t have to.