BBQ 2024

From our beyond organic beef and lamb burgers to our regeneratively farmed pork sausages and pastured chicken wings, we’ve put together our favourite ethical BBQ cuts for you to enjoy at home. All of our beef and lamb is regeneratively produced and offers deep, delicious flavours. All delivered to your door, fresh and BBQ ready.

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Our ethical BBQ collection 

Good meat is the cornerstone of any successful BBQ and good meat means good for you and good for the planet. Our farmer partners put planet regeneration and animal welfare above all else, naturally, this leads to meat that cooks beautifully and tastes phenomenal. 

All of the farms we source our meat from are managed holistically using regenerative practices that give back to the land and help to create healthier soils. Our beef and lamb farms raise their herds in the most natural way possible. Calves are often raised by their mothers in mixed-age herds, feeding only on natural pasture. Being raised in natural herds allows the cows to exhibit natural behaviours, which is a rare sight in modern farming. Our chickens and pigs are given the freedom to roam and eat as they would in the wild, mimicking nature. 

So whether you’re throwing a few burgers on the BBQ for a family dinner or hosting a garden party, we know you’ll find something for everyone in our ethical BBQ meat collection. 

About The Ethical Butcher

We are on a mission to reconnect people with nature. Modern society has become disconnected from the natural world and where good food comes from, and we’re determined to change that. Through holistic, regenerative agriculture and the highest quality meats, we’re shifting the meat industry back to its natural roots. Eating meat shouldn’t cost the earth, and now it doesn’t have to.