Christmas leftovers - Pork belly buritto

Christmas leftovers - Pork belly buritto
This recipe can make use of any leftover pork roast, and ideal post-pub late night spicy snack!

Pork Belly burrito

Recipe by Nick Sandler



Makes 1 wrap - for one person or 2 to share


A large tortilla wrap
A few slices of leftover pork belly, pork loin, shoulder or whatever takes your fancy
Rubies in the Rubble tomato ketchup (or your favourite brand)
2 sliced pickled chillies or 2 teaspoons of sliced pickled jalapeño
2 tablespoons of cooked black beans
2 teaspoons of leftover Christmas chutney
A few splashes of Tabasco
3 piled teaspoons of cream cheese
A scrunched up handful of washed coriander leaves, roughly chopped


Sauté the pork in a small non-stick pan over medium heat for 5 mins with a pinch of salt & enough ketchup to fully coat the meat.
Slice the pickled chillies
Mix the chutney & tabasco with the cooked black beans
Transfer the ketchup glazed pork onto the wrap
Add the black bean mix
Spice it up with the chillies
Spoon on the cream cheese
Add a handful of chopped coriander
Fold the wrap like a parcel
Toast on both sides in a hot griddle pan
Slice diagonally