Christmas leftovers - Classic turkey sandwich (with a twist!)

Christmas leftovers - Classic turkey sandwich (with a twist!)

This is a fairly traditional recipe with the added twist of some kimchi or sauerkraut, we LOVE Eaten Alive - Smoky Pink Kraut in this.

Turkey & Stuffing Sandwich

Makes 1 sandwich - 1 hungry or 2 people as a snack
Recipe by Nick Sandler


A generous wedge of ciabatta, sliced down the middle and toasted
2 teaspoons of honey mustard. To make honey mustard mix equal amounts of grain mustard and clear honey
Cranberry sauce
A few slices of leftover turkey, thigh or breast
3 slices of crispy streaky bacon
2 tablespoons of leftover stuffing. Throw in some chopped flat leaf parsley to freshen it up
2 tablespoons of sauerkraut or if you’re feeling adventurous, kimchee


Spread honey mustard onto the top half of the toasted ciabatta
Dollop cranberry sauce onto the other
Pile on the turkey and streaky bacon
Add the stuffing & flat leaf parsley mix
Ratchet it up with tangy sauerkraut or kickin’ kimchee
Cut with a serrated knife & serve