Pork loin steak with swede colcannon

Pork loin steak with swede colcannon

Colcannon is a dish or Irish origin and is most commonly made with only four ingredients: potatoes, butter, milk and cabbage (or kale). Irish historian Patrick Weston Joyce defined it as "potatoes mashed with butter and milk, with chopped up cabbage and pot herbs". 

An Irish Halloween tradition is to serve colcannon with a ring and a thimble hidden in the dish. Prizes of small coins such as threepenny or sixpenny bits were also concealed inside the dish.

Our Colcannon also uses swede to add a little sweetness and complexity to the dish as this pairs beautifully with a simple Ethical Butcher soy free pork loin steak and makes a perfect winter mid week evening meal.

Serves 4


4x  Ethical Butcher soy-free pork loin steaks , trimmed of excess fat
300g White potato
1 medium swede , cut into small chunks
½ small head Savoy cabbage (or equivalent volume of kale), shredded
100ml whole organic milk
50g grass fed butter
1T frying oil or lard
Sat and freshly ground black pepper


Boil the potatoes and swede for 15 mins, adding the cabbage for the final 3 mins. Once tender, remove the cabbage with tongs and set aside. Drain the potatoes and swede, roughly mash with the milk, butter and seasoning, then stir through the cabbage.

While the vegetables are boiling, rub the pork steaks with the oil. Heat a griddle pan, then cook the steaks for 3-4 mins on each side, depending on their thickness. Serve alongside the colcannon, drizzled with any pan juices.