Transport and packaging laid bare

Transport and packaging laid bare

We strive to be as ethical as we can and to this end we're willing to change, adapt and move forward whilst being totally transparent with our customers, here we open up all aspects of our business to scrutiny to this end.


As a mail order business we have to use packaging to get the food to our customers and we have put a lot of thought, time and money into this.

Outer box

Our outer cardboard boxes are recycled cardboard and can be recycled again and printing is minimal with a single colour used to save on ink which is plant based and not petrochemical.

We will seal the boxes with a paper based tape so that the consumer does not need to remove this before recycling the box.

Ice Packs

We keep the meat chilled in the box by using simple ice packs, these can be emptied and recycled or kept int the freezer and reused as required. The whole package can keep the meat at refrigerated temperature for 48 hours in it's unopened state without the need for chilled transport.


The chilled meats require insulation and we have chosen to use woolcool as there's no way we would consider polystyrene. The wool used is a byproduct of industry and has superb thermal properties, it is sealed within recyclable industry grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap. 

Customers who order regularly from us can store their Woolcool packaging and fill one of our boxes, Woolcool will collect this free of charge and reuse the packaging, alternatively, take the wool out of it wrapper, recycle the wrapper and compost the wool. Yes, wool can not only be composted, it's actually beneficial to  the soil adding nutrients and completing the carbon cycle.

Vac Pack

UK law requires us to vac pack the meats we send out and this didn't sit well with us, we realised that even if we used recyclable packaging it could end up in land fill and that was unacceptable as it does not biodegrade. 

After a long search we discovered Tipa who make fully compostable packaging from a mixture of plant based cellulose and a small amount of petrochemical binders. The entire formulation breaks down in a domestic composter into harmless substances, some of which can be beneficial to soil health and we are proud to be the first European brand to use their packaging in the meat industry, we hope all of our competitors will follow our lead and start to use this as well.


We have decided to use APC to get the boxes to our customers. This makes our delivery to our customers more planet friendly (and time efficient) than driving to the shop. We are in discussion with them for carbon calculations to be able to offset with a suitable scheme.



Unfortunately ethical packaging is more expensive  than it's petrochemical versions, for  this reason we think everyone should be using it, if you shop elsewhere please share this information and ask them to consider using it as it is better for the planet and drives the price down for all of us. 

Each box we send costs us £12 for the packaging and delivery but we've decided to subsidise this cost to £10 for orders under £85 and completely cover it for orders over.