Probably the best turkey in the country.

Probably the best turkey in the country.

Last year before we launched we bought a few turkeys from Hannah Thorogood of The Inkpot Permaculture Organic Farm in Lincolnshire and we each has one as well as selling a few and sending some out to press and the verdict was unanimous, simply the best tasting turkey anyone had ever had.

What makes these turkeys so special is of course they way they have been kept, as a part of a living biodiverse ecosystem, living out their longer than usual lives in as natural a way as possible.

Hannah took over 18 acres of very depleted arable land and is restoring soil health while taking some serious carbon out of the atmosphere as she implements principles of regenerative agriculture using a multitude of systems such as agroforestry and mob grazing, yes mob grazing with turkeys!

Hannah's turkeys live in an old Bedford lorry at night and when they are roosting she is able to move them, onto fresh pasture and fence them off so that they have access to new plants, berries, seeds, herbs and bugs. When they eat and trample they leave the land pest free, competition for the trees is tamed and the soil is fertilised, this means the trees are healthier and grow stronger, removing more CO2 from the atmosphere.

 Hannah has won great taste awards for her turkeys and we will very soon be offering our customers the opportunity to secure one of her fantastic birds for Christmas as a pre-order, we promise you will have never tasted such a rich gamey deep and complex flavour from a turkey.

If you'd like to know more see these short films we shot on our recent visit to see how they are getting on, both Hannah and her turkeys.