John Cherry - Groundswell

In this episode we chat to regenerative farming legend John Cherry of Weston Park farms and the founder of Groundswell festival of regenerative agriculture.

We cover the early days of regenerative agriculture and what led John and his brother to learn to farm arable this way as far back as the 1980s and where he sees the movement developing through his own experience as both an arable and beef producer as well as looking towards the future of food production and the role that events such as Groundswell can play in bridging the gaps between the consumer and the producer.

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Jules - Ham Street Wines

This is an inspiring conversation with Jules, the cofounder of Ham Street Wines. 

We discuss how Jules and his wife Lucie founded a truly regenerative winery whilst working full time in different jobs. 

We discuss the current and future state of the British wine industry and how sustainability and regeneration can be at the core of this expansion.

A must listen for anyone interested in both wine and regeneration.

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Jack - Ember Snacks

This episode is a brand discussion with Jack, the cofounder of Ember Snacks,  a meat based snack company.

We discuss how his love of endurance sports led him to develop these high protein products as well as how to structure price point asnf marketing that got the brand into major supermarket chains.

We also discuss the supply chain issues of moving the brand into regenerative sourcing.


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Will - Two Fields Zakros

Get ready for a wonderful story of two brothers on holiday, one falls in love and a few years later they're teaching regenerative farming to generations old olive oil producers and making the best oil we've ever tasted by far.


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Polly Baldwin - Jolly Allotment

In this episode we talk to Polly Baldwin about her healing journey that has led her to discover the healing power of natural foods and the importance of taking care of the gut microbiome.

Polly cooks on open fires to reconnect her audience back to a more primal way of eating and recounts some healing  stories from serving bone broths to her customers.


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Tim Mead - Yeo Valley

We have a great lively chat with Tim Mead the CEO of Yeo Valley discussing all things organic, soil health and regenerative dairy production as well as diving into the history of the Milk Marketing Board, the effect of leaving the Europe and the future of dairy production in Britain, oh and why we all need to go to his festival


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