Packaging Returns


We will reuse the Woolcool insulation that is in your box to keep the meats cool in transit.

PLEASE NOTE: To use  this service you need to return a minimum of 5 orders of packaging. One of our boxes can take up to 7 orders worth of insulation for return.

You can also return to us the ice packs. Please send them undamaged, clean, fully defrosted and at room temperature.

One of our empty boxes can hold the insulation from 6 orders, please repack and tape closed, use paper tape if available rather than plastic.

Enter your email into the form on this link and you will receive a returns label that is prepaid by us, don't worry if you need to download it or print it more than once, we only get changed when it is actually used.

Returns link

Please attach the label to the box and drop off at a Yodel collection point near you.

You can use this link to find a shop close to you that offers Collect+