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About Fowlescombe Farm.

The story of our hidden valley starts in 1537 with the building of Fowlescombe Manor. In the centuries that followed the farm grew into a thriving estate, in its heyday encompassing several farmsteads and employing large numbers of people.

With the decline of many traditional rural industries in the 19th century, the manor house, its out buildings and the sweeping landscape gardens were abandoned and fell into disrepair. Today our animals roam its meadows and streams, ancient woodlands and ivy covered bridges, set against the back drop of the ruined manor.

In January 2019 the Owens family took over the farm. Since then we have started to revitalise the estate, developing buildings, skills and activities on the farm, re-invigorating the 400-year-old kitchen gardens, introduced a number of new rare breed animals and added Pasture for life to our organic status.


Fowlescombe farm

Rare breed

The sheep

Butterflied Leg of Lamb (Marinated or Plain) Lamb Shoulder - Bone In Lamb Leg - Bone In Digital gift card Lamb Barnsley Chops

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The best tasting lamb

When we first tasted the lamb from Fowlescombe the word that came to everyone was 'clean'. The meat has a very clean flavour with sweet herbal notes that come from a very pure fat covering.

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