Vision - Connecting to nature

Ethical Butcher vision


Ethical Butcher & Borough Wines - Spicy Steak Kebab

Ethical Butcher & Borough Wines - Ras El Hanout Lamb Shoulder

Ethical Butcher & Borough Wines - Lamb Kofta Kebab

Our Farmers

Penny Vaughan - Brightleigh Farm

Anna Blumfield - Deersbrooke Farm

Jeremey Beckman - Oink and Udder

Jonathan Chapman - Native Beef

Mike Harding - Egypt House Farm

John Cherry - Weston Park Farms

Jane Oglesby - Jane's Farm

Hannah Thorogood - The Inkpot

Edward Wilkinson - Herb fed poultry

Neil Harley - Harley Farms

Sam Barker - Great Berwick Organics

Interview with the founders

Crowd Cube - Live interview with the founders