Delivita wood fired ovens

Joe Formisano  - Huddersfield. Yorkshire

The story

Joe Formisano is the CEO and owner of Delivita wood fired ovens.

Being of Italian heritage Joe started DeliVita out of a passion for authentic Italian food. Having perfected the perfect homemade pizza dough he was struggling to find the right oven to do it justice.  Regular household ovens and Agas don't get hot enough to properly cook a pizza, and at the time the only traditional pizza ovens on the market were very big, very heavy, expensive, and took a long time to heat up. The world, he realised was missing something: a portable, handcrafted, wood-fired oven that not only cooked great pizza but all the family favourites, meats, vegetables, fish. 

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The products

Combining modern technology with an artisan finish, the DeliVita features a deep refractory stone base and a handcrafted clay-composite interior. This is encased with a high-tech insulation, and a thick polished fibreglass shell, available in a range of stylish colours, and finished with a marine stainless steel frontage.  The DeliVita is an award-winning oven that offers maximum performance, minimum fuss. It’s super versatile and cooks meats, fish, veg, breads and of course exceptional pizza with ease.


Why we love it

When we first heard about DeliVita we obviously wondered how it would cook meat. It turns out, very, very well. At a high heat, the pure intense heat of the oven gives a roast a perfect char with a subtle wood smoke flavour, it seals the meat, keeping the inside juicy and tender.  Due to its clay interior, it retains the heat really well and is perfect to slow roast, and finally using the DeliVita door we were able to create smoked flavours too. So all in all a great all-rounder and super versatile.