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Our Mission

Changing the way we farm animals to be regenerative, not destructive.

Meat has been an important part of our diet for millennia but factory farming has become the norm. Factory farming is input intensive, can be destructive to the environment and does not have the animals welfare at its heart, we believe in another way. It is possible to farm with nature, keeping animals in natural systems that restore soil health, improve biodiversity and gives the animals a longer better life while producing a more nutritious product for us.

Transparency and tracability

We believe that consumers are confused and have been mislead by the food industry and we will continue to educate and encourage asking of the question, the right questions. We will continue to use our team of writer, photographers and filmmakers to offer the consumer and unprecedented transparency as to the provenance of what we sell.


A Responsible Investment

Our business model goes beyond sustainability, we are actively working with our suppliers to help them become regenerative and to support them throughout the process. It is possible to reverse the damage done by poor farming practices in the past and even to offset human induced climate change through carbon sequestration, taking Co2 out of the air and locking it into the land.

Origins & Founders

Eating meat shouldn't cost the earth.

We believe that as a society we have become far too disconnected from our food and the land it comes from. The revolution is coming.

At The Ethical Butcher we are changing how animals and humans coexist in the food chain and how we view our place in nature.

Our Farmers

Our farmers honour natural systems and farm in ways that increase biodiversity and regenerate the land, having a positive impact on the British countryside, animal welfare and, of course, the people who eat their meat. 

Many of our farmers have measured a net loss of carbon as a result of the methods they employ, improving soil health and combating climate change.

We believe all farming should be like this, so a proportion of our profits are channeled into training more farmers in regenerative techniques so that good meat is more widely available. 

Meet Our Farmers

Our Success

We have moved from a fledgeling to established brand in a few short months, and our innovations are now exemplars that others are seeking to imitate. Our partnership innovations with our farmers have produced a few industry firsts, such as, our famous Soy-Free Chicken which won a Great Taste Award.

 - We are truly proud, after a mere 6 months in operation, to be selected as finalists for two prestigious national Butcher Shop of the Year Award. 2020

Finalist for Online Butcher of the Year. For our website and the entire online service.

Finalist for the Innovation of the Year. For the only 100% Soy free chicken available in the UK.

 - The only online butcher certified by the PFLA in London

 - Three Great Taste 2020 Awards. For our Persian Chicken Kebabs, Soy-Free Chicken and Iron Age Pork rib eye steaks 

 - Featured in the Telegraph and The Times 

 - The only butcher recognised as a ‘hero’ by London on the Inside, London’s biggest independent lifestyle publication. 

- Partnership with 18 PFLA farms in the UK

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