All of our pigs are properly free range, reared in outdoor systems with freedom to roam in large paddocks on farms that are utilising regenerative farming methods to reduce their carbon footprint, increase biodiversity by creating havens for wildlife and planting wildflower margins, trees and hedges. Where possible we also source pigs that are fed soy-free feed. 

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Our Iron Age pork is produced by a single-family farm in North Yorkshire, where the pigs are raised in acres of ancient woodland. With a determination to provide as natural a habitat as possible for the pigs, the farmers raise the animals in incredibly low density, with each pig having at least 2.5 acres of land to itself. The pigs contribute to the regeneration of the surrounding land, with their trampling and foraging ensuring the health and longevity of the woodlands - without human intervention. These pigs are doing their part for the planet.

Whether you’re after pork tenderloin for a Sunday roast, diced pork for a meaty casserole, or cutlets for a quick midweek dinner, all our pork cuts are guaranteed to be free from additives and deliver a mouthwatering punch of flavour with every bite.

About The Ethical Butcher

We have one mission: to reconnect people with nature. Our modern society has lost touch with its roots, and we want to change that. By focusing on holistic, regenerative agriculture, we deliver the highest quality meat while doing our part for nature. We believe that eating meat shouldn’t cost the earth; and now it doesn’t have to.