Weston Park Farms

John Cherry - Weston Park Farms - The home of Groundswell Regenerative agriculture conference. Hertfordshire

The farmer

John Cherry, and his brother Paul, farm at Weston Park Farms in Hertfordshire. They took over the management of the farm, in 1984, after coming out of university. Several decades later, the Cherry’s now practice zero tillage across their 2500 acres of chalky boulder clay.

The animals

130 Beef Shorthorn suckler cows and their followers
Some chickens and alpacas

The land

We've always been conscious that our soil is our most important asset, but it was only when we found other farmers who were regenerating their soil at the same time as making a decent living, that we realised that this is what we should be doing. We've been 100% no-till on the arable since 2010 and managing the grazing in a quasi-holistic way almost as long. We were so excited by the improvements we found in our soils that we started the Groundswell Show and Conference five years ago, to promote some of the regenerative ideas that are transforming farming across the world.
John Cherry hosts Groundswell Festival on his farm each year which is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and sees thousands of visitors.