Valley Farm Pasture Fed

Valley farm Pasture Fed

The farmers

David & Kathryn Atkinson, a fourth generation small family run farm, covering 70 hectares of permanent pasture of which all is encompassed within the Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship scheme. We love the British countryside, are passionate about the rural environment and are keen to see the reduction of food miles and food waste, and believe strongly in traditional, slow-reared, grass-fed farming methods, the native breeds who work so well within it, with every animal being traceable.

The animals

-Native Breed Angus and Shorthorn selected for their flavour, propensity for laying on intramuscular fat, and hardiness and ability to finish on a pasture only diet. Reared outdoors for 9 months of the year until it is too wet and they are brought inside and fed on silage from the farm, and hay baled on a neighbouring farm. Rotationally grazed in paddocks set up with solar powered electric fencing; generally grazed for 1-3 days depending on grass growth, not returning to the same paddock until approximately 40 days later

The Land

Lillingstone Lovell, in the beautiful countryside on the Buckinghamshire / Northamptonshire border.


Valley Farm Pasture Fed Buckinghamshire