The Inkpot Permaculture farm

Hannah Thorogood - The Inkpot organic permaculture farm. Lincolnshire

The farmer

Hannah is a senior tutor with the permaculture diploma system and was one of the lead designers in creating the current system and she co-designed and leads the tutor training within that system. She has also been teaching permaculture design courses for 15 years and has been teaching permaculture teaching courses for 10 years. She has a reputation for creating a very accepting and fun learning environment, putting people from all backgrounds at ease to enjoy their learning together. 

Hannah has a BSc in Environmental Studies from Manchester University & an MSc Organic Farming from Scottish Agricultural College. She completed her masters degree in Animal Welfare.

The animals

We have Great Taste Award winning turkeys available to buy directly from the farm. Our turkeys are a mixture of Norfolk Blacks and Bronzes they are (very) free range and slowly grown. Are they organic though? As good as, we are in our 2nd year of official conversion to organic and the turkeys are fed organic feed.

The land

The Inkpot is an 18 acre field working farm which is a demonstration site of permaculture design. It has been home to Hannah Thorogood and family since September 2010 and since that time much observing and designing has gone on. Some projects have been implemented such as the planting of 3000 trees in shelter belts, long-term timber and coppice areas, the vegetable beds, poultry and the holistic grazing of cows and sheep. Organic, PFLA certified and Holistically managed.
Hannah planted 3000+ trees on the farm she took over, the turkeys are moved daily and clear the undergrowth allowing the trees to thrive