Redwoods Farm Pork

Amy Chapple - Redwoods Farm - Devon

The farmer

Amy Chapple is the daughter of Mark Chapple, who was our pioneer soy-free chicken farmer and current supplier. Amy is passionate about animal welfare and the environment and uses similar principles as her father uses to grow her soy-free pork in a regenerative system.

The animals

Amy is currently moving from a system of Large White cross pigs to more traditional breeds. She has Saddleback and Large Black pigs within her predominantly Gloucestershire Old Spot herd, along with a few remaining Large White crosses. This genetic diversity helps to find pigs who can grow well on a majority forage diet which can be dependent on individuals as much as breed.
Amy creates her own mix of pig feed to have complete control over sourcing the individual components. It's made up of mostly wheat and barley (grown on a farm about 7 miles away), beans (grown on another farm about 6 miles away using minimal till), rapeseed meal from Farrington oils and peas from her local feed mill.

The land

The farm rises to 850' above sea level and is undulating clay loam. Mark installed a borehole on taking over the farm in 2007, and the water is still supplied through this.


Amy is keeping pigs in a regenerative system, working with different breeds to find the best fit to her land.