Redwoods Farm.

Mark Chapple - Redwoods Farm - Devon

The farmer

Mark Chapple is is from a family of farmers and he is following his grandfather's footsteps. He has been farming at Redwoods Farm since 2007 and has 150 acres in pasture and cover crops.

The animals

Mark is supplying us with our soy-free chicken which is a Hubbard hybrid, chosen for being a good grazer, slow growing and rather active. As well as chicken, Mark keeps 50-60 cattle which are a breed called a Stabiliser, a Red Angus / Simmental cross, being transitioned to a 100% pasture-fed diet. Mark also farms 700 Highlander sheep, originally a NZ breed. They are 100% pasture raised with the view of becoming PFLA certified.

The land

The farm rises to 850' above sea level and is undulating clay loam. Mark installed a borehole on taking over the farm in 2007, and the water is still supplied through this.


Mark is working on integrated farming where the animals follow each other in rotational grazing systems to be regenerative.