Packington Estate

James Guernsey - Packington Estate - Warwickshire 

The farmer

James Guernsey, is the owner, custodian and farmer of the Packington Estate which has been in his family since the 17th Century. James is passionate about making positive change to the operation of the farmed Estate and these changes are driven by sustainability and the desire to produce high quality, tasty food.

The farms under James' management have transitioned to adopt regenerative methods of farming and land management that will deliver biodiversity net gain, capture carbon and improve soil health. James believes that by improving soil health the quality of food and the wellbeing of those who consume it will improve. 

The animals

At the heart of the Estate sits the Deer Park. The park holds c.500 head of deer to include Black Fallow and Sika, and whilst enclosed, it's considered a wild herd as the animals roam the park freely. The wider Estate also has Roe deer and Muntjac.

The land

Packington Estate extends to 5000 acres with a mix of pasture, woodland and arable land. At the heart of the Estate is 500 acres of bounded ancient parkland that is home to the Black Fallow and Sika deer


Packington Estate is home to a herd of over 500 deer which maintain the grazing land and are not fed any grains. Every year the numbers are culled to maintain herd health.