Otter Valley Poultry - Nathan

Nathan. Devon

The farmer


Nathan farms poultry across a few sites all within close distance of each other in Devon

The animals

We prefer a slow growing strain of Hubbard chicken, they are more suited to Organic Free Range rearing practices giving them a distinctive texture with a slightly gamier flavour to the leg and a significantly sturdier bone structure.

Our Organic Certification comes from the Soil Association who have the most stringent organic standards in the world for rearing poultry for the table and our own slaughter and processing plant is also certified organic by the Soil Association.

The land

Our farms stretch across Devon, Dawlish, Exminster, Bradninch, Landscove, Kennford.

Being organic farms means the land is full of natural wildlife and the poultry have acres of fields full of rich clover to forage across. All the farms have a peaceful location and natural environment.

The farms are small mixed organic amid the rolling hills, valleys and forests of the Devon landscape.

Regenerative, free range and organic.