Maynards Farm

Maynards Farm. Shropshire.

The producers

Rob and Fiona Cunningham at Maynard’s Farm  produce bacon flitches using old fashioned methods but with recipes to suit the modern palate. Their award-winning bacon is made as it has been for generations and uses local pigs. Bacon as it should be – British Pork, home-cured in the old-fashioned way.
Each loin of pork is hand rubbed with one of our unique bacon cures and left for one week before being matured for up to a month and then sent out as whole flitches or sliced and packed.

Selected flitches of bacon are smoked in the Maynard’s Farm Smokehouse. The brick chamber is blackened by years of smoking and the rich smell is deliciously intense as the flitches hang from high hooks, taking in the wooded smokiness over a period of 48 hours. The wood shavings used for smoking only travel a few miles from nearby Wem.

The Cunningham family of Maynards Farm