Love Logs 

Heather Emery & Paul Strachan Worcestershire

The Company

Many UK log companies offer cheaper imported Eastern European firewood that travels over 1,000 miles to get to you. By only offering British firewood, we minimise road miles and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable forests are managed to simulate natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration, so carefully selected trees are removed for firewood to create temporary gaps in the canopy that benefit the forest wildlife. Replacement trees are planted which balance out the carbon dioxide released by burning the felled trees, making the practice carbon neutral.

The Products

We source only Woodsure certified ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood and kindling, guaranteeing high quality and low moisture content in your logs. Logs with low moisture content produce fewer particulate emissions and other pollutants when compared to wetter logs, and they also produce more heat and burn longer so you can use fewer logs.

All of our logs are dried in biomass fuelled kilns - sustainable fuel producing sustainable fuel!


The Ethics

We plant two trees for every order
We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, a registered charity that runs tree planting initiatives around the world.

Deliveries are plastic free and carbon neutral

Eden Reforestation Projects take a holistic approach, training locals to plant trees, creating jobs and reducing poverty in areas affected by deforestation.


Ethical firewood for cooking and heating