Mount Grace Farm

Mount Grace Farm. North Yorkshire.

The farmer

Charles Ashbridge is not only a 3rd generation farmer but has been breeding cattle since he was 6 years old, really! Charles learned from his grandfather and started with Aberdeen Angus before moving into commercial breeds such as Limousin. Slightly later in life Charles decided to change direction with the aim of producing smaller quantities of better beef with a more positive impact on the environment and the cattle and is working with rare breeds, 100% pasture fed and slow grown.

The cattle

Dexter & shorthorn and longhorn - Native breeds suited to grass finishing and kept to 34 months.

The land

The farm is 190 acres in total. Much of the farm is limestone pasture 900' above sea level and well drained making it very good for grazing. 60 Acres are lowe at 400' and are clay loam and the other 30 acres are currently in a rewilding project.

Perfect grazing land at 900' and a large rewilding project at Mount Grace Farm