Herring Farm  

Herring Farm

The farmer

Simon Herring grew up a farmer's son but pursued a different career path as an entrepreneur founding food and drinks brands, notably Pipers Crisps before buying land and becoming a farmer himself. Simon purchased 500 acres of stunning land on the Lincolnshire wolds and set about learning to farm it with livestock in the most nature friendly regenerative way possible. 

The animals

Lincolnshire Red cattle are regeneratively grazed using Holistic Management practices. The cattle are a very hardy breed which are perfectly suited to the environment in which they are living and can easily out winter on the farm

The Land

Close to the historic town of Market Rasen the farm sits on the Lincolnshire wolds and gives a very complex mixture of soil types and drainage along with many natural springs and water courses. Simon has created a 3.5 acre lake by forming a barrier at valley pinch point which has dramatically increased the biodiversity in the area.


Herring Farm - Lincolnshire Wolds area of outstanding natural beauty