Fowlescombe Farm

Rosie Ball - Fowlescombe Organic Farm - Devon

The farmer

Rosie Ball has been the farm manager at Fowlescombe farm since 2019, although the farm has been organic for over 20 years.  Rosie has a degree in Conservation Biology and brings knowledge to farm management working towards a full regenerative system with no external inputs.  Rare breed, organic pasture raised beef and sheep. 150 cattle and 500 sheep.  English Longhorn and Beef Shorthorn cattle, Manx Loaghtan and Hampshire Down sheep, Tamworth pigs. 

The animals

We have a large flock of pedigree rare breed Manx Loaghtan sheep. Loaghtan is an old Manx word for light brown. The breed is sturdy and independent. Each year our Manx Loaghtan breeding program contributes to maintaining this rare breed.

The land

The farm centres around old pasture in a valley with historic water meadows and contains 3 fresh water springs as well as a ruined mansion. The main farm is 290 acres, with an additional 200 acres farmed locally. About 100 acres is herbal leys, 60 acres woodland, and the rest is permanent pasture (some of which is transitioning to herbal leys). The farm has been organic for over 20 years and Pasture for Life Certified since 2020.


Rosie tends to her cattle on one the rich steep ancient pasture fields.