Farrington Oils - Duncan Farrington

Duncan Farrington. Northamptonshire

The farmer

Duncan Farrington is a 4th generation farmer who decided to take the family business in a new direction under his stewardship. While at university he undertook years of research into rapeseed oil which developed into an obsession launching Mellow Yellow in 2005 as Britain's first seed to bottle cold pressed rapeseed oil


The crops

Duncan's primary crop is rapeseed but he also grows wheat and barley. The rapeseed crops are sown with companion crops of buckwheat, vetch and clover which adds phosphate and nitrogen to the soil.

The land

The business is LEAF certified and Duncan takes sustainability to the core of the business. The entire business was certified carbon neutral by the United Nations in early 2020 and is also plastic neutral, offsetting all plastic usage with a scheme that collects and recycles the same amount that is used in the year.

Duncan is proving that growing crops can sequester carbon.