Harley Farm

Neil Harley - Harley Farm. Shropshire

The farmer

Neil Harley inherited an arable farm and is converting it to pasture. His farm is organic and he operates Holistic Management with his cattle moving them frequently to new pastures creating a huge carbon sink. Since he has been in charge of the land he is converting arable that has rotated wheat, rape and potatoes into rich lush diverse pasture and sen a huge increase in biodiversity and wildlife on the land. Although the measurements have not been done he is almost certainly operating with a net loss of carbon meaning his farming is putting more into the ground than he is releasing.

The cattle

130 Beef Shorthorn suckler cows and their followers.  The herd is closed with all replacements bred on farm and all other progeny taken through to finish on the pasture locally, meaning all our stock are born, grow up and live their entire lives on one farm.

The land

150 acres currently but expanding by converting arable  to pasture, restoring soil health and improving biodiversity. The farm is organic and PFLA Certified.
Neil has seen a huge increase in the biodiversity of the land he manages with many birds, rodents and other mammals returning to the farm.