Pork tenderloin - 10 days dry aged
Pork tenderloin - 10 days dry aged
Pork tenderloin - 10 days dry aged
Pork tenderloin - 10 days dry aged

Pork tenderloin - 10 days dry aged

The King of pork cuts. Nestled along the spine of our woodlands pigs the pork tenderloin does little to no work and therefore its texture is fine-grained and tender. It can be cooked whole by searing on all sides and finishing in the oven, or can be cut into medallions and tossed in a pan accompanied by your favourite herbs.

Mangalitsa pork

This breed is often called the Kobe beef of pork as it's known for its rich marbling. Mangalitsa are originally a Hungarian pig and are unusual looking as they are covered in curly fur like a sheep making them well suited to a life outdoors year round.

Iron age pig 

These pigs are a Tamworth crossed with wild boar. Iron age pigs give a slightly darker and gamier meat but with a light sweet fat content from the Wild Boar element and were originally cross bred for a TV show on the Iron Age.


We source our pork as carefully as we source all of our meats, in that we find animals that have had a natural life where possible also performing vital land management roles such as forest clearing.

Organic is the only standard which offers not only higher animal welfare standards, but also environmental benefits in terms of waste management, residue, pesticides and fertilisers. The Organic standard also guarantees that no GMOs have been used in the feed.

The terms ‘free range’ and ‘outdoor reared’ do not have clear legal definitions and do not necessarily meet our requirements. 

We visit every farm we source from to ensure that the highest possible standards of welfare are used throughout the entire life of the animal.

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10 days dry aged Iron Age Pig- 400-600g


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10 days dry aged Mangalitsa Pig- 400-600g


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Red Duroc Pig 300-500g


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