3-hour Baby Back Ribs Recipe

3-hour Baby Back Ribs Recipe

This series of recipes was produced for us by chef Nick Sandler showing how to cook simple dishes outside in a pizza style wood fired oven.


3-hour Baby Back Beef Ribs


Ethical Butcher Baby Back Beef Ribs x1 rack per person
Maldon sea salt - to taste
Mixed smoked chilli flakes - to taste
Fresh ground black pepper - to taste
Olive oil - drizzle

For best results cook in a Delivita or other wood fired oven using Love Logs carbon neutral wood. Otherwise a domestic fan oven can be used.


Simply season the ribs with the chilli, salt, pepper and a give a light coating with the olive oil.

Place in a metal oven tray and put just inside the door of a really hot wood oven, the surface of the meat should be just bubbling. (If using a conventional oven cook at 130c, no need to turn)

Turn the tray a 1/4 turn every 15 minutes and adjust position according to oven heat. The aim is to cook them low and slow over 2-3 hours.