Vindaloo Iron Age Pork rib eye, cumin roasted hasselback potatoes with a honey yoghurt saffron dressing.

Vindaloo Iron Age Pork rib eye, cumin roasted hasselback potatoes with a honey yoghurt saffron dressing.

Another collaboration between Merrilees Deller and Neha Hampton, the founder of Pestle curry pastes. They take the sharp, warming spice of the vindaloo and tame it with fluffy crispy potatoes and a luxurious saffron dressing.





600g new potatoes 

4 tbsp melted ghee mixed with 2 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp flaked sea salt



250g thick yoghurt 

A generous tsp of runny honey 

Generous pinch of saffron 



4 Iron Age pork rib eye steaks

½ portion of Pestle Vindaloo Paste



Coriander sprigs



Boil the new potatoes in boiling salted water for about 3-4 minutes.

To hasselback potatoes place each one on a wooden spoon then with a very sharp knife slice each potato through until you reach of the way through the potatoes.

Try to get a slice every 3mm.

Then thread onto 4 metal skewers. This can be done a day in advance.

For the yogurt dressing, mix yogurt, honey and saffron and keep refrigerated until you need it. This can also be done a day in advance. 

Place the pork in a non-metallic dish and add the marinade. Leave for no longer than 30 minutes to marinate. 

Heat the pizza oven to very hot (above 300c). Dress each potato with the melted cumin infused ghee and sprinkle each one with sea salt flakes.

Heat the metal tray until very hot and add the pork and the potato skewers, placing the steaks nearer the flames.

Cook for 2 minutes then turn the steaks.

Cook for a further 2 minutes before removing the pork steaks and allowing to rest. Flip the tray around and put the potatoes back in until crispy and cooked through.

To serve, slice the pork steaks on the angle, serve with the hassleback potatoes and the yoghurt dressing, then finish with a few sprigs of coriander.


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