Seekh Kebab with Pestle Vindaloo


Seekh Kebab with Pestle Vindaloo Recipe

Serves 4

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Seekh or Shish kebabs are thought to have originated in Turkey when soldiers would grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewered on swords over open field fires. In Turkish, the word Shish actually means a “sword” or skewer and the word Kebab means “to roast”. 

You’ll need: 

- 500g Beef, Pork or Lamb Mince

- 1 Pestle Vindaloo paste 

- 6 metal or bamboo* skewers (soaked for 15 minutes in warm water) 


- Place meat and paste in a large mixing bowl - start to mix with a wooden spoon and if necessary then get you hands in to blend flavours folly through meat

- Divide mixtures into 6 portions and then shape around skewer to create even sausage like shapes, refrigerate for 20 minutes

- Set grill or BBQ to a medium heat and cook skewers for approx 10 minutes, at which point turn heat up to a high and cook for a further 5 minutes to create crispy edges

- Serve on naan, pitta or flatbread with yogurt, pickled red onions & lettuce



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